Monday, March 23, 2020

Founders: Dost Mohammad of the Barakzai Dynasty

He lived, survived, and thrive in a volatile Afghanistan. Filled with rivalry between family, clans, and tribes he established a dynasty. He survived an invasion of the most powerful empire of his time and contributed to the independence of his country. Dost Mohammad established the Barakzai Dynasty in 1826 and produced leaders for Afghanistan until 1973.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Prussian Reform Movement: Stein, Humboldt, Hardenberg

The 19th century dawned with turbulence as Europe reached a cross road between 2 paths – the continuation of the old order and transformation to the new order. The Kingdom of Prussia saw right into the eyes of the abyss that led to rise of reformist ministers. The Prussian Reform Movement placed the kingdom towards change.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Rise and Fall of the Silk Road

The most iconic road that never was in history. A route that brought the development to humanity for centuries and an inspiration for interconnection and globalization. This was the Silk Road.
Caravan on the Silk Road, 1380

What was the War of the Reunions (1683 - 1684)?

If China brought fears to world from its ambitions and impunity, the same could be said for to the greatest rogue state of Europe in the 17th century – France and its ambitious Sun King Louis XIV.
Fall of Strasbourg, 1681

What happened during the Franco-Dutch War (1672 – 1678)? - Part 2

As Louis made advances against the war, the shift in balance of power in favor of France threatening other European monarch that forced them to act.

What happened during the Franco-Dutch War (1672 – 1678)?

The War of Devolution revealed Louis XIV’s ambition to expand his kingdom’s domain. And with the betrayal of the Dutch during the previous conflict, the Sun King desired revenge.
Louis XIV in Maastricht

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Who was Denis Papin?

Denis PapinAn obscure inventor and scientist that contributed to the development of modern steam engine - Denis Papin.